Home appliances play a huge role in making things more convenient, and these cost money too. The good news is you can maximize their lifespan with proper and regular maintenance. Not only that, but the periodic upkeep of these appliances will also help you save money every month on electric bills. It is easy to overlook these hard workers as you use these every day. Hence, hundreds of homeowners are burdened with appliances breaking down prematurely while paying sky-high utility bills.

At Emergency Electricians Perth, we give you tips on how to properly take care of your properties while saving electricity.


The condenser coil in your refrigerator removes the heat inside the fridge and maintain the cold air inside. However, we tend to forget cleaning this part, so dust and other dirt accumulate there, rendering your refrigerator doing an inefficient job of keeping the optimal temperature. If you are lucky, an increasing bill is the least you could get. In worst cases, the motor overheats making the refrigerator and expensive piece of junk. Simple vacuuming solves this problem.

Also, inspect the rubber seal that is supposed to keep the cold air inside the fridge. Cracks affect the air seal and absorb the warm air inside, which also adversely affects your electric bills. Replace rubber seals whenever you see cracks on your old one and use petroleum jelly to prevent cracks from forming. Lastly, put stuff in your fridge as food reflects coldness. Just do not put too much foodstuff there though.

Air Conditioning Unit

Everyone agrees that summers in Perth are hot and a functioning air conditioning unit at home saves you from the scorching heat. Nonetheless, you should also take measures to save electricity when using this appliance. The coils and fins are prone to dirt build up, but you can vacuum it yourself. However, seek professional help if you see ice forming over there. Condensers are cleaned by hosing these down although we advise asking help especially when you are not well-versed in this part.

Moreover, clear any obstruction near the AC. This appliance needs a spacious area to blow wind efficiently.

Water Heater

Water heaters save us the hassle of taking cold baths, especially during winters. To save electricity, inspect the valve regularly for any sign of calcium and mineral buildup. These form inside the valve and prevent it from performing its intended function. There are also times when you feel the water is not hot enough, prompting you to put the heat to the maximum setting.

Before suspecting a faulty calibration, check if the dip tube inside the tank is working. A corroded one mixes the cold and the hot water which makes an inefficient water heater. We advise you to replace one immediately if you see damaged dip tubes.

Clothes Washer

Highly efficient washing machines that do not require a lot of water also do not need a lot of detergents. Otherwise, this will leave an inner film that becomes an avenue for mold growth. Make sure to place the washers in an even place to avoid vibrations that result in water leakage later and unnecessary noise. Lastly, check all hoses to determine any sign of wear and tear. Replace old ones to prevent water leakage later.

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